Keyboard & Mouse Review: hama uRage 2 in 1 Gaming Kit

The hama uRage Gaming Kit 2 in 1 Kit fills the void for a low cost, all in one keyboard and mouse set up, tested at an SRP of £79.99, I was understandably quite excited to give this a try!

Upon opening the box, there was just three contents: The mouse, keyboard and user manual. It was clear to me that instead of investing money in packaging contents, they’ve invested it in the actual product. Working in the high end electronics industry, this is something I have come across quite a lot over time.

  • Gaming Mouse:
  • Adjustable dpi up to 3000 for precision mouse movements
  • dpi button for rapid mouse speed adjustment and precise and fluid mouse pointer control (800/1400/2200/3000)
  • Integrated 3000 dpi optical gaming sensor
  • 7 fast-response keys
  • 6 custom-assignable keys
  • 1000 HZ USB polling rate
  • Gaming Keyboard:
  • Precision touch for extreme ease of entry and responsiveness
  • Fast response: long-lasting keys for extreme input speeds
  • Anti-ghosting: press multiple buttons at the same time
  • Night vision mode: full visibility even in the dark thanks to illuminated keys
  • Full concentration on your opponent on the battle field – no searching around for keys in the dark

Aesthetically, it’s very pleasing to look at and would fit in well with anyone’s gaming rig. But the highlight of this model is the illumination. The ‘cracked’ pattern on the keyboard and mouse allow the lighting to come through giving it a super awesome appearance. The colour options here are Red, Blue and Purple and you can have these as static or slow fading between all colours. I imagined there to be a lighter choice here, such as yellow or even a green? There must have been a reason for them to not put this choice in. Perhaps the less-subtle colours would have proved to be too much of a distraction. The colours are easily changed by a little button on the mouse or on the keyboard a press of just two keys lets you toggle between the choices.

Let’s take a quick look at comfort with this set…

Whilst the mouse is a good shape and size and so is naturally nice to navigate with, the keyboard boasts an integrated wrist rest making it reasonably comfortable for longer periods of activity. What’s more, the mouse and keyboard including the keys are coated in a special non-slip coating, giving you extra grip. However, if I were to be critical, the only downside to this is that with extended use, this will start to rub off. But then, I could say this about most keyboards out there. The mouse comes with a very substantial 2m cable, wrapped in a ‘fabric jacket’ for kink and tangle prevention. It is a very well-built bit of kit that fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. Utilising Teflon coated feet, it glides incredibly smoothly with no feeling of friction on any surface/mat.

Looking at the overall functionality of the keyboard left us pleasantly satisfied. The raised mechanical keys are a decent size, leaving no room for mistakes when switching between weapons or viewing modes whilst gaming, and documents/windows for non-gaming use. Using the hama uRage keyboard for general typing and work made it a much more enjoyable experience (as enjoyable as work possibly could be at least!). The key presses are quiet, soft and very responsive, which again makes this a perfect gaming set up.

Along the top of the keyboard itself are a selection of multimedia keys including volume adjustment, play/pause, skip and even a very useful homepage key and email shortcut key. Now, the mouse also features the usual speed dial button for fast navigation and scrolling plus 7 precision buttons which again, are nice and smooth to use. This kit is advertised as being ideal for RPG, FPS and RTS games which we must agree on, but like-wise, those using this set up at the office will also be satisfied with their purchase.

Cutting a long story short:

Colour changing function, price, responsive and soft keys, attractive design, dedicated multimedia keys, non-slip and comfortable mouse.

None worth noting at this price.

The uRage 2 in 1 kit by hama, is a low cost alternative to others out in the market. It has all the controls and functionality you could possibly need at this price bracket, leaving little room for improvement. Whether it be gaming, web browsing or document writing, the uRage keyboard and mouse kit is a real no-brainer!


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